Let’s Try Walking for a Healthy Heart

Let’s Walk for a Healthy Heart

Walking is one of the famous sports which is available to almost everyone, actually it is
considered as an easy form of aerobic exercises and an easy way to increase your physical activity, improve your health and lose weight.
In general, physical activities increase your heart rate, strengthen your heart, and increase the blood circulation in your body so it help in bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the organs.
Beyond burning calories and losing weight, exercises also increase the ability of lungs to take in oxygen and reject carbon dioxide, lower blood pressure and decrease the level of sugar and cholesterol.

This is a list of some advices which can be taken in consideration to maintain an enjoyable and healthy walk:

1- You must have a checkup before beginning any exercise program.
Your doctor may ask you to do some tests especially if you have any heart problems to figure out how much can your heart safely handle.

2- Exceed your speed gradually.

Walk slowly at first to warm up your body, then go faster in the middle, and try a cooldown at the end.

3- Duration.

Walking is done for at least 15 minutes, and it may continue for 2 hours. Therefore, walk with
friends, coworkers or even your pet to stay motivated.


4- Use technology.

Use a pedometer or a simple phone app to count your steps. It is easy now with new
technologies, just wear it all day and try your best to take more than 2,000 steps a day more
than the steps you normally do, then increase the number over time.

5- Set a goal.
Plan to walk at least for 2½ hours a week. You can divide them for 3 days, or 30 minutes a day
for at least 5 days a week.


6- Choose your timing.

You can go for a walk early at the morning to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the innocent
morning, or at the evening to change your mood after a long working day.


7- Listen to music.

Put your headphones and enjoy listening to music while walking, this will enable you to walk
more with any sense of time.


8- Try to be comfortable with the place.

Although bad weather can make some problems, you can always use a treadmill, or just take comfortable shoes to a near mall, and walk several laps inside and on the stairs.

9- Just find some time.

If you don’t have much time to walk, try to walk to work, to school, to the grocery store, or
even to a restaurant with your beloved. Just don’t forget to work for having a healthy heart.


10- Keep a schedule.

Keep a schedule for the walks on your business calendar, so you can turn a simple walk into
an important brainstorming session with a coworker.

11- Water, water and water.

Water is essential during walking to keep your body hydrated,so be sure to drink plenty of
water during this exercise. You can take a bottle full of water with you when you walk.

12- Make walking a family activity.

If you have a family including kids, plan some family outings around to walk together. This
will be as a family activity and great for healthy body.

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Walking is one of the easiest exercises which can maintain a fit body, good health and a barrier against heart problems.

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