Ginger: 6 Important Benefits for Better Digestion

Ginger, which is considered a pungent rhizome, is one of the healthiest spices in the world, and it has uncountable benefits. It has been used for medication since more than 2000 years.

Recently, ginger is consumed as a spice, gum, and mainly a tea. The three forms give great
benefits, but ginger tea is the best way to benefit from ginger since it improves the digestion, decreases intestinal gases, protects against alzheimer’s disease, helps in losing weight, prevents bloating, relieves flatulence problems and many others.

Ginger as a spice can be used when preparing the food, as a gum can be chewed between
meals and as a tea can be drunk anytime especially before and after the meals.

ginger is consumed as a spice

Benefits of Ginger

This List show the most important benefits of ginger:

1) It helps in relieving IBS symptoms
IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is a serious disorder that affects a big number of people in the world, especially in America where 25-45 million are affected. IBS has many symptoms like stomach cramps,diarrhea, gases, constipation and bloating. Ginger, especially the tea helps to relieve all these symptoms. Moreover, it won’t only ease the symptoms, but it will actually protect your intestinal tract against further damages.

Ginger helps in relieving IBS symptoms

2) Ginger relieves gas.
Gas can be a symptom of IBS, and can be a problem by itself. When diagnosing such thing,
doctors recommend to drink a cup of ginger tea before each meal or before going to bed to
clear out the digestive system. This really helps to relieve embarrassing gas.


3) It can be a great heartburn remedy.
If you feel heartburn then notice that it is one of the main symptoms of acid reflux. I don’t know if
you’ve experienced it before, but you can’t imagine how painful it can be. Ginger usually
prevents the loosening of the lower esophageal sphincter, and this can really protect your body
against heartburn.In this case, acid means acid cannot go back into the esophagus.


4) It boosts the nutrients absorption.
When you eat your meal, whether it is beneficial or not, your body won’t absorb all of the
beneficial vitamins, nutrients and minerals. In fact, the body typically absorb approximately from 10-90 percent of all the nutrients found in the meal. Studies showed that some food can boost the absorption of nutrients for example the ginger.

Therefore, add ginger to your food and snacks or drink a cup of ginger tea before and after you meals to enable your body to absorb as much nutrients as possible.


5) Ginger Eases Motion Sickness
If you feel sick whenever you ride a bus, a car, or plane, then ginger could solve your problem.
Try drinking a cup of ginger tea or a ginger gum before traveling to any place. It really has great
healing effects to your stomach upset.


6) It can cure nausea and motion sickness.
Studies proved that ginger especially the ginger tea great treatment for nausea and motion
sickness. It can benefit you even more than some prescription drugs. Therefore, doctors recommend it for morning sickness for pregnants.

Ginger can be a natural remedy for many cases, so try to include it in all your meals and drinks.

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Ginger can be a natural remedy

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