Google… The Endless Treasure

Google… the endless treasure, sounds new, right? But it is true.

We all spend hours of our day surfing the internet, checking websites, gathering information till we find what we are looking for.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about the valuable treasure which is found between our hands and offers many millions of services.

Here is a list of the best services offered by Google to us:

1- To track your competitors, use:


2- Choose a niche, and find related blogs:


3- This amazing site will tell you the countries which search the most for certain word, and some important statistics too.

4- Develop your website with the help of:

5- Google also offer a guide to search for websites:

6- Here you can know the temperature in your place:

7- We all know this


8- This link is related to financial and economics news:

9- Froogle to look for documents and scientific issues:


10- Look for images:

11- Look for maps:

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12- Look for recent and old news

13- Look for patents

14- Look for references and how to write it in a your projects

15- Use important tools

16- Look for codes for applications.

17- Check Google Labs for general sciences:

18- Get your free blog from:

19- The calendar from:

20- Share your documents and tables with your friends


21- Google mail to subscribe to newsletter and send messages to your friends.

22- Groups made by Google, subscribe or make your own.

23- Photo editor


24- 3d pictures application

25- Google messenger for gmail


26- Get help from google to translate your phrases.

27- Ask Google and get your answer from experts.

28- The best dictionary ever from Google

29- A wonderful pack of programs from google

30- Google Web Accelerator to improve your internet connection

31- Wanna add something to Google base? Add it here:

32- Look for any product and get information about it:

33-Look for books and researches

Benefit the most from Google offers.


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