Encouraging Your Kid to Read Starts Now

We all want the success of our kids in school and life, and reading is the best step to do that.
When the child learn to read, he can read to learn everything else.
However, teaching and encouraging your kid to read can be a major problem especially with the

current technology. Check these tips and tricks to help you out:

1- Start early
At this step, your child don’t know how to read, but you can read for him one story a day as a
part of your daily routine.

2- Let him be your partner

Encourage your kid to ask some questions, or you ask him questions about the story. You can
also read loudly and ask him to fill in the blanks.

3- Reading Together

When your kids learns how to read, then you must change your technique from reading for him
to reading together. You have to let him read with you, see the pictures and comment on them.

Also check how to stop the crying of your kid.

4- Not only books


You have to introduce your kid to all reading materials which come in different shapes and sizes
like book, stores, magazines, videos and comic books to offer him with more interesting opportunities to read.

5- Turn the reading session to an activity

Try to play some board games which involve written instructions, let him help you to read the
grocery list, or just leave reminder notes for him.

6- Keep it fun, for everyone

Create activities related to the stories you’re reading and let all the family play with you.
Try to create mini-plays by acting out the stories you read. You can also let one spell the word,
the other do the action and the rest guess the word.
You can find many related games on internet, or just invent one.

7- “Look at what I did!”

Make a visible record of achievements like a chart or a graph for your kid to mark the number of
books or stories he read, which will give him or her a sense of accomplishment. Try a Reading jjjjOlympics, where your kids goes for the gold by reading a certain number of books, or create a
Bingo card where each space can be filled in by reading a mystery book.

8- Let him choose

Let your kid choose what book he wanna read, as reading must be treated like an interesting activity and not a chore.
However, let them stretch to the best of their ability, and be prepared to help and encourage him at every step.

9- It is the reading time

Set a specific time for reading. At the reading time, all technology tools must be off so no one can watch TV, play a video game, or use the mobile to avoid any distraction.

10- Celebrate your kids achievement

Plan for a small party with the family, to celebrate when your kid finish reading a certain number
of books.
Eventually, don’t push too hard. If your kid wants a day without reading a book, give him a day

5 Comments on “Encouraging Your Kid to Read Starts Now”

  1. Yes I agree with this, reading is so important. The younger the person starts the better! A lifelong skill to cherish

  2. Really good tips I have to follow them I am a little bit strugle with this because normally in my country teachers show them how to read not parents and well is difficult to me specially if she has to read a different language but I have to recognise it is nice. So thank you for this post.

  3. Totally agree with this. Our nephew started reading at a very young age, and now at 6 he reads at a level well above average. Sometimes he falls asleep with a book in his hands.

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