5 Reasons to Use Food Pyramids Today

We all know the food pyramids and try to organize our diet according to it, but why it is important and what are its benefits?

These Pyramids were developed by American nutritionists, for many goals including reducing obesity and promoting healthy eating.

These pyramids are seen as a diagram which contain the major food groups to help everybody differentiate and choose the healthiest foods. Moreover, it will also help you increase the consumption of low- calories food and limit the foods of excessive calories.
Let’s know more about its amazing benefits:

1- Improves eating habits

The major food groups in the Food Pyramid are the vegetable, fruit, grain, meat, beans and milk groups. Actually, the food offered by these groups are the ingredients that usually contain important nutrients which we have to eat every day for proper function of the body.

Therefore, food pyramids will help people to learn more about food labels and nutrients as well as the importance of healthy eating.

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2- Food Pyramids act as a reminder.

People usually put a picture of these food pyramids on their wall, or the refrigerator to remind them that they have to eat more of this and less of that according to the groups.


3- Food Pyramids offer suggestions.

Food pyramids divide the food into groups and put different kinds of products in each group.So, it offers several suggestions for what to eat and the correct portion sizes.

4- Food pyramids limit additional calories

When you find that you are eating additional calories, you can check the food pyramids to see which is the source of these excessive amounts like whether they come from sugars, fats, fried foods, etc.

As a result, the pyramid helps you to maintain a proper balance.


5- Food pyramids encourage other members of the family.

When the other members of the family see you following the food pyramid, they will also be encouraged to do the same. You can make some competitions about who follows the rules better than others.

Now, let’s be one of the millions using these food pyramids for managing a healthy diet.

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