Is Burning Calories Enough To lose Weight?

We all wanna have a good shape, so we follow diets, do exercises and decrease our consumption of food to burn calories and lose some weight, but burning calories may be not enough.

Yes, the burning calories  is not enough to lose weight, as there are many reasons to gain weight other than food and calories including:


1- Genetics

Obesity is not only about calories and burned calories as it also has a strong genetic component.

Kids of parents suffering of obesity are much more likely to have more weight than other of lean parents.

We are not saying that all these kids must be obese, but more than 50% will.


2- Stress

Stress can make some disturbances in your digestive system and hormones, so your body will not be able to maintain a good loss of weight even though it is burning calories.

3- Medications

Some medication make your body gain a lot of weight, even though you are burning calories. The burned calories won’t be enough to lose weight, as your gained weight will be due to the medications.

4- Aging

Aging is another cause of obesity, and you can’t fight it even if you burn a lot of calories.

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5- Sleeping too much

Sleeping too much is another cause of obesity, so if you sleep more than 14 hours a day, you will gain much weight, than waking up early and being active.

Now, we know that burned calories are not enough to lose your weight as you need to keep up with other requirements too.

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